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 Post subject: Elliowyn - raid application
PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:06 pm 
1) Name of character: Elliowyn

2) Class: Mage (fire spec)

3) Please provide an armoury link here:

4) What is your prefered spec for raiding and why?:

This expansion fire has my preference, good dps and nice explosions.

5) Tell us a little about yourself in RL (please include your age and note that we are an 18+ guild):

-wonders if he should be lazy and link his facebook profile- I'm a 28 year old guy, more of an introvert though I open up if I get to know people I'm obviously a fan of video games/fantasy and I'm generally up for a good debate. I'm very curious and people're free to ask me just about anything though I don't promise to answer every question obviously. I'm open minded and up for a good laugh.

6) What kind of guild are you after?:

I'd like to do raids/mythics+ but with a fun group so we can laugh about mistakes and fix them as a group instead of blaming each other. A guild I can log in to for a fun chat, a good debate and generally just have fun with.

7) Why have you chosen to apply to Blackrock Diving School?: Chatting with Gharry

8) What guild were you a member of prior to your application to BDS and why have you chosen to leave them? I

was in a social/raiding guild but just about everybody went inactive this x-pac with no sign of improvement.

9) As a guild, we have clear social expectations, including helping guildies, participating in guildchat, being polite and courteous, and generally fitting in with a group of fun loving raiders. What do you think you could add socially to the guild? What are the things you like to do most, outside of raiding?:

I'm not the most talkative person unless I get dragged into a discussion but I like to believe I offer an open mind and a listening ear. I'm generally helpful and up for aiding people with problems. Outside of raids I like to explore WoW and outside of WoW I enjoy LARP'ing, board games, discussions and pondering the meaning of 42.

10) Tell us something about your raiding experience so far. This can include experience raiding with other characters: Been playing since vanilla and basically did most everything on normal and a bunch on HC.

11) We raid 3 nights a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 20:30 (server time) to 22:30. Could you tell us a little about your availability to raid then? Note the more availability the better and that 50% minimum attendance is required!

That's generally no problem at all though at times I've LARP/other activities on sunday.

12) As part of raiding, we require good planning and forward commitment by our raiders, and an understanding that we have to rotate a little to ensure all raids are full and balanced. What would you do if you signed and we told you there would be no room?

As long as it didn't happen every raid I'd just shrug, wish you good fun and go and watch some netflix/do WQ's/play some other game/.....

13) Have you read, understood, and agreed with the Contracts on this website? This includes social rules, raiding rules, and miscellaneous rules.

Yes though I call dibs on my kidneys.

-seals the application by slicing his palm and pressing his gnome hand on the paper-
 Post subject: Re: Elliowyn - raid application
PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:22 pm 
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Thanks for a nice application. One of our officers will try to poke you for a little chat in game Soon™.

- Plukette

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