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2. Raiding rules
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Author:  Plukette [ Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  2. Raiding rules

2. Prepare for boarding! (or, how BDS likes to raid).

This section describes everything you need to know about raiding with Blackrock Diving School. How the raids are being created, and how you should behave if you're raiding together with your fellow Divers.

The short version:

- Creating a healthy raiding schedule on a weekly basis requires a lot of planning and clear communication with all members. Make sure you're involved in this.
- The Instructors in charge of raiding are responsible for raid composition of each raid. Changes can be made at any time.
- Having available backups is very important. Backups can be called upon at any time needed during the raid.

For full details - dive in and see below! These rules are based on trial and error and raiding experience and are designed to cover most situation that can arise, but aren't exhaustive. Instructors are always entitled to use discretion where a situation occurs that does not present a clear solution.

The Full Version.

Oh, how we love raiding. The adrenaline rising in our blood when we see the enemy's health points sinking. To experience those great moments we need to plan ahead carefully. We want to spend our time inside instances as pleasantlly as we can, so the teams are not picked randomly. We need our raiders to sign and show up in time to make this all work. And this is just during the preparation phase.

Then there is the actual raid, the tactics for trash and the boss we're hoping to strip nekkid. Even if it sounds fun, we can't just run inside and start smashing everything we see like frenzied barbarians. To make everything work as smooth and safe as possible, we have some rules and guidelines.

2.1 Signing up for raids.

The signups for raids will be on a week-to-week basis. The first raid of a raiding week will happen on Thursday and it's possible to sign up for all the week's raids 2-3 days before (the signups are usually opened on Monday). Try to avoid signing up late, the sooner you sign, the better. We also need you to sign your availability for the whole week in one go, as far as possible. This is to allow for the planning of dual teams in the case of 10 man, locked instances. Our ability to plan is directly dependent on your ability to commit.

You might have the need to add notes with additional information about your situation to your signup before or during the raid. If there is anything the Raid Creator needs to know in advance, this note is the best way to inform him.

If you sign up too late (after the raiding teams were set), it's up to the Instructors to see if it's possible to change anything for you. If it isn't possible, you will probably be a backup for all the raids you signed for.

2.2 Cancelling a raid.

Of course, something might happen that makes you unable to attend a raid you signed up for. Next to cancelling your signup on the signup part of the site, you should post about it on the Cancel/Away forum, as well as contact the Instructors in game or through a forum PM. There is no need to explain all the details, of course, but cancelling on the website alone at the last moment might not be noticed in time and can cause stressful situations for Instructors.

2.3 Creation of the raiding teams

After everyone signed up, an Instructor will figure out a way to fit everybody into that week's teams before the first raid of the week. He will make sure that every raid has the right class balance to have a good chance of success in the instance. Apart from that, we want every single member to raid a fair amount. Unfortunately, it's impossible to create clear rules for this to make it all transparent and easy. It is up to the Instructors to decide what's fair and needed for every single raid week. Rest assured that he will do his best.

2.4 Behaviour & Communication

Discussing tactics before or during Boss fights.
The Raid Leader is the one explaning tactics. Naturally, Raid Leaders aren't all-knowing and they can forget things. However, don't interrupt someone who is explaining tactics by telling your opinion immediately, let him finish and wait till you can ask a question or make a suggestion. Every boss fight can be explained differently, so have patience and read the tactics carefully before you claim you know everything already. A Raid Leader welcomes good advice, but once again, it's his/her final decision that counts.

Breaks and AFKs
We have short 2 hour raids, try to do your little wee before and after the raid. Emergencies are allways possible of course, but keep in mind we do not intend to have a break on such a short raid.

2.5 Gearing and gaining experience:

In order to ensure effective raiding, raiders are expected to gear intelligently and effectively to enhance their role. This precludes, therefore, hanging on to old items during raids because of the 'looks' or other reasons (it's not fair on other raiders if you could do a better job in more effective gear).

Experience and making improvements:
In order to be fair to fellow raiders, everyone is expected to show a reasonable amount of improvement in their raiding ability. We all have bad days and of course every effort will be made to be reasonable about this. Yet likewise, consistent lack of focus, or poor play, will eventually annoy those around you and be unfair to a group. Instructors reserve the right to deny raiding to players who have not demonstrated an ability to improve and learn, which may, if combined with other factors, lead to eventual guild exclusion. The guild leadership is responsible for looking after the best and most effective social members and raiders, rather than making excuses for those who have not learnt. We wish to fight elitism, so of course we will be tolerant to a point; as long as raiders are aware there is a point at which it becomes unfair on others.

2.6 Raiding with Alts.

As part of our raiding, applicants apply with a particular character and are expected to spend a certain amount of time developing and progressing this character to allow the group to advance to more challenging instances. This naturally places some constraints on alt raiding. If in doubt, assume the character you applied with is the one you are committed to raiding with. However...

We don't want to be totally black and white about this, and although it is very difficult to make rules about raiding with alts, a distinction can be made which helps members understand how Instructors will make decisions in this area.

Swapping Mains
For many reasons, including raider fatigue, boredom with a particular character, desire to try something new, etc etc, raiders from time to time swap mains. Whilst we want to discourage this to a certain extent, especially where the main you are leaving behind is well geared and skilled and will be a significant loss to the raiding team, we also accept it's an inevitablity and therefore try to support these moves where they happen. Instructors will work to support the person behind the character as well as the character, but as ever, the more you contribute to the guild, the more likely it is that Instructors will give a little back to you and support you with this move. In addition, you'll be expected to demonstrate this isn't on whim, and to spend a good deal of time levelling, gearing and researching your new class to get up to raid standard. You'll also be expected to be considerate of raiding possibilities with the new character - If we're really full of mages and you have to re-roll a mage, you will be expected to be incredibly tolerant if you get to raiding standard and there aren't spots available. The responsibility is on you to be aware of this if you swap mains.

Once a main-swap goes through, the following things will happen:
1. There will be a 'trial' period for you to prove your worth in your new role. This will follow the same principle as new applicant trialists;
2. You will retain your guild rank, as that is a testament to your commitment to the guild before ability to perform your raid role;

Note that swapping from tanking to healing, or healing to dps on the same character, etc etc, is also considered swapping main.

Bringing along an Alt
Some members may have alts that they also enjoy gearing or playing from time to time, and perhaps would like the opportunity to raid with. However, the key consideration is that you are doing this only for variety and not because of any significant fatigue or boredom with your main (in which case you should consider swapping mains, or other options like taking time out from raiding). During farm raids, there may be spaces for an alt to come along and get some gear. Providing you communicate with the raid organisers, and can understand that your main may be needed by the group, or that there isn't space for an alt, it can be considered on a case by case basis. You'll also be expected to be of a reasonable skill and gear level (you're never gonna be permitted to bring an untried max level alt with little to no relevant gear for example), having geared up and learnt to play the class. We understand the need for variety from time to time, that some players like to develop multiple characters, and do what we can to support this without compromising raiding for other members. We especially look to support healers or tanks who would like the opportunity, occasionally, to play a DPS class in a raid. As with all our rules, for the best functioning we require maturity and understanding from the raiders.

2.7 Miscellaneous Raiding Information.

2.7a Unofficial Runs.

We may run, as time goes on, unofficial runs. Or instances that have been largely conquered may become unofficial. These will be additional raids, runs for those people who want to raid more to gain reputation etc. Instructors are not responsible for ensuring the smooth running of these raids, instead others are expected to take the responsibility of organising while Instructors focus on official raids. Whilst scheduling unofficial raids, however, we urge caution: there can often be a pressure on members to attend outside official raid times, even though it is voluntary, which can make members pull out of official raids for RL activies they shuffled. It can also increase burn-out possibilities, or harm social cohesion. At all times we urge consideration of the bigger picture, and Instructors who decide to organise these will consider these as part of their role.

2.7b Communication about problems / complaints.

Raid organizing is a difficult job. This should be respected at all times, and members should remember that it is about juggling a lot of different variables to ensure the best raiding experience for as many people as possible. Raid organizers are best placed to be able to judge what this is.

We will not entertain complaints about the system, complaints about who won what, how fair it is, or that a particular raid schedule does not suit you. You are, of course, welcome to feed back thoughts and ideas for improvements, always providing constructive ideas and feedback if you intend to criticize any current system. Largely these rules are not perfect, but the best compromise made by a group of players with significant raiding and leading experience, so don't be surprised if your criticism is harshly dealt with. Approaching an Instructor or GM to complain about loot allocation, for example, will be considered a violation of guild rules. Alternatively, providing a reasoned, thought out PM or forum post, that demonstrates you have considered the problems and issues in the area you are addressing, with suggested alternative options is always encouraged. Petitions, bringing friends or 'support', gathering support, making provocative votes or posts will be harshly dealt with, not because we intend to silence any dissent or refuse to listen to alternatives, but because most complaints are inherently selfish in nature and can seriously effect the gaming experience of those who take the time to lead, and damage overall morale. Leaders should largely be left to get on with following the rules and spirit set; raiders significantly unhappy with this should remember membership is voluntary, as is organization, and act accordingly.

2.7c Raiding official content outside BDS raids
Official raid targets as listed here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4614 can only be raided on your main character during BDS official raids. To be extra clear you are not allowed to go there. Doesn't matter if we already cleared bosses and you were away. A slippery slope will be created if we start making exceptions to this rule. For complaints about this, see 2.7b.

Author:  Plukette [ Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2. Raiding rules

Added extra clarification about not being allowed to raid official content outside official raids. Seems it was needed.

Author:  Plukette [ Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2. Raiding rules

Added a section on main swapping, to explain how we will handle guild rank and loot rules when swapping mains.

Author:  Plukette [ Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2. Raiding rules

Some revisions have been made to reflec current state of raiding with personal loot.

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