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4. Guild ranks
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Author:  Plukette [ Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  4. Guild ranks

4. Guild ranks

Course Director – The Guild Master

Dive Instructor – The guilds officers

Beach Dweller – The rank for social members who’ve passed their trial.

Scuba Diver – The rank for raiders who’ve been promoted from Snorkeller.

Landlubber – A rank reserved for long standing Raiders or Social members who cannot play as often as they used to. This rank has a lower set of requirement but is granted at the Dive Instructors' disgression.

Snorkeller – The rank for divers who’ve passed their initial raiding trial while they continue their extended settling in period prior to promotion to full social or raiding member.

Bubblemaker - The rank for all trialists

Dive Buddy – The rank for Alts

4.1 Movement between Ranks

From Trial to full member

All members will start as bubblemakers for a minimum period of 2 weeks. This can be extended at the Officers' disgression to give the trialist additional time to meet the recruitments set to be promoted. The maximum time a member can be at this rank before they should be considered for promotion or a failed trial is 1 month. Once promoted the Bubblemaker will be a Snorkeller (raiding trialist) or Beach Dweller (social trialist).
Once a Snorkeller the raiding trialist will have passed their inital trial and will enter a time to settle into the guild. This is a minimum of 1 month from the time of being promoted and again can be extended by the Dive Instructors' upto a maximum of 2 months at which time they should be considered for promotion, demoted for a retrial or possibly asked to leave the guild.
Once the time as a Snorkeller is complete they will be promoted to Scuba Diver.

It should be noted that full access to the guildbank facilities is granted to Scuba Divers/Beach Dwellers. (Some exceptions may apply to BoE gear).
At the rank Snorkeller and above a member can have alts invited to the guild.

Demotions and Removals

If a raider fails to meet their obligations to the guild they may be demoted for a further period of trial or possibly removed from the guild.

Author:  Plukette [ Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 4. Guild ranks

Further clarified requirements for Scuba Diver rank.

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