The Social Application Template

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The Social Application Template

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1) Name of character:

2) Class:

3) Who in Blackrock Diving School is vouching for you?

4) Tell us a little about yourself in RL (please include your age and note that we are an 18+ guild):

5) What kind of guild are you after?:

6) Why have you chosen to apply to Blackrock Diving School?:

7) Why have you chosen to apply as a social member?

8) As a guild, we have clear social expectations, including helping guildies, participating in guildchat, being polite and courteous, and generally fitting in with a group of fun loving raiders. What do you think you could add socially to the guild? What are the things you like to do most?:

9) Have you read, understood, and agreed with the Contracts on this website? This includes social rules, raiding rules, and miscellaneous rules?
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