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Social Application

Post by Mordakhaan »

1) Name of character: Mordakhan (I had to add an extra "a" to the title as I accidentally tried to register first, didn't realize applications were available without registration :P)

2) Class: Blood Death Knight

3) Who in Blackrock Diving School is vouching for you? Adderkleet, Tiljann

4) Tell us a little about yourself in RL (please include your age and note that we are an 18+ guild):

Originally from Ireland, but living in Italy. I'm a 32 year old WoW Veteran coming back from a WoW break to catch up on what happened in BFA post-Dazar'alor and get ready for the expansion. IRL I'm a Team Lead for a large gaming CS Company.

5) What kind of guild are you after?:

I've spent most of my WoW time in a guild that has been going since Classic. I felt that its longevity was due to the culture we had of friendliness and supportiveness. From what I have heard and can see in your charter, your team has a similar family-vibe.

6) Why have you chosen to apply to Blackrock Diving School?:

I've heard great things about the guild from two of my IRL best friends (Adder and Duke (Tiljann))

7) Why have you chosen to apply as a social member?

For now I have applied as a social, as I don't know what my intentions are on raiding again in BFA/SL just yet. I'll be happy to do some M+ or fill a slot in a raid if needed and I'm around. My raiding history is mostly in the Heroic range, but before I took a hiatus from WoW I was progressing on Mythic Jaina. After the team disbanded I clocked out for a year or so.

8) As a guild, we have clear social expectations, including helping guildies, participating in guildchat, being polite and courteous, and generally fitting in with a group of fun loving raiders. What do you think you could add socially to the guild? What are the things you like to do most?:

I love raiding, but I love the freedom that comes with M+ a little more (you can organize them a lot more ad-hoc and don't have to block timeslots on your calendar). I would likely be focused more on dungeons for the time being until SL. I feel like there is a lot more room for banter and casual chat during them than in raids.

To actually answer the question though! I like to hang out in guild chat while doing solo content. It's really the one feature that separates an MMO from a normal single-player RPG.

9) Have you read, understood, and agreed with the Contracts on this website? This includes social rules, raiding rules, and miscellaneous rules?

Yep. It's part of the reason BDS appeals to me so much. I feel that our values are aligned.
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Re: Social Application

Post by Davine »

Thanks for the application, accepted on trial. :)
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