Raiding Application - Restoration Druid

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Raiding Application - Restoration Druid

Post by Ronan »


1) Name of character:

2) Class:

3) Please provide an armoury link here: ... wn/corriel

4) What is your preferred spec for raiding and why?:

My preferred spec for raiding is restoration, I like playing a supportive spec and healing people. I played every healing classes and I really like Healing Over Time, so I chose Restoration.

5) Tell us a little about yourself in RL (please include your age and note that we are an 18+ guild):

Hello! I’m Ronan, I’m a 26-year-old guy from Switzerland, working in IT for a small company doing mostly system administration and network administration. I’m a very introvert guy, I’m not really talkative on voice comms (I write quick in guild chat!), but I’m a great listener and I’m not afraid to speak up when needed.

6) What kind of guild are you after:

I’m looking for a guild that raids short hours (2 hours is just perfect) that has a community vibe where people hangout together, play other games and just generally have fun with a drama-free environment.

7) Why have you chosen to apply to Blackrock Diving School?:

Diving in Blackrock sounds pretty amazing to be honest, I’d love to learn diving, raid and have fun in the game with some likeminded people.

8) What guild were you a member of prior to your application to BDS and why have you chosen to leave them?

I’m the guild master of my own guild that I created because I was bored. The only people there are the people that signed my guild charter and never connected again.

9) As a guild, we have clear social expectations, including helping guildies, participating in guildchat, being polite and courteous, and generally fitting in with a group of fun loving raiders. What do you think you could add socially to the guild? What are the things you like to do most, outside of raiding?:

I’m always there for the other guildies and ready to help (old raids, mythic+, quests, …). I really enjoy Mythic+ and farming transmog items. I also enjoy making some gold in the game.

10) Tell us something about your raiding experience so far. This can include experience raiding with other characters:

From WOTLK to WoD, I was mostly raiding in pugs, the experience wasn’t the best, but I did some cool stuff like killing the lich king in normal mode (on my mage), killing some heroics bosses and getting the mount from Deathwing! During WoD, I was raiding with my mage with a guild in Argent-Dawn on the horde side (can’t remember the name of the guild..) and we cleared Hellfire Citadel. I swapped to shaman healer for the guild that needed a healer and really liked it.

Then, I went inactive because Legion came so far in the expansion and it got me bored. During Legion, I played solo, pugging my way though some of the dungeons and eventually cleared Antorus.

At the start of BFA, I was still playing my shaman, mostly did arena and then went inactive because I was just bored of WoW in general and had a lot of work…

And now, I started playing like 2 weeks ago, got my druid to 120 and geared her a bit. I’d love to experience raiding with a guild again and BDS seems like the right place.

11) We raid 3 nights a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 20:30 (server time) to 22:30. Could you tell us a little about your availability to raid then? Note the more availability the better and that 50% minimum attendance is required!

I can attend 100% the raids, I will be available all those days and 20:30 is the perfect start time;

12) As part of raiding, we require good planning and forward commitment by our raiders, and an understanding that we have to rotate a little to ensure all raids are full and balanced. What would you do if you signed and we told you there would be no room?

If the guild needs to rotate player or make the raid composition balanced, I don’t mind not raiding.

13) Have you read, understood, and agreed with the Contracts on this website? This includes social rules, raiding rules, and miscellaneous rules.

I have and I agree!
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Re: Raiding Application - Restoration Druid

Post by Davine »

Hiya's and thank you for your application. Accepted on trial, happy diving!
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